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Academy • 12 Feb 2015

Business Design Series

How do I launch a business?  How can I increase the success of my startup?

Business building is hard work.  We know that.  The number one reason startups fail is due to building a product or service that no one wants.

We’ve created the Business Design series of workshops that are a deep dive into the topic and your idea.  We use the latest entrepreneurial tools that giants today like Airbnb and Dropbox have used when they were just ideas.

Lecture light and practice heavy, led by Deepak and other entrepreneur-instructors, in a peer group-learning environment that give you huge practical value and that challenge you more than you could on your own. 

How could you miss this?

The workshops include:
Advanced Business Model Canvas 
Value Proposition Design 
Customer Discovery 1 - Problem Testing
Customer Discovery 2 - Solution Testing

These workshops are designed to address idea validation and commercialisation; simply put, will customers want your solution and how can you make money

The programs are suitable for startups, small businesses and corporates too.  Everyone is facing the same challenges and these tools are tremendously important to address them.


Deepak Madnani, CEO and Founder of Paperclip Startup Campus

Deepak is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Paperclip Startup Campus; he is proud to call himself a 'Failure Specialist' - he's been through several founder journeys, with many failures and some successes. Execution separates dreamers from entrepreneurs and Deepak loves to execute.

He currently manages companies in Hong Kong and China in supply chain management, design and manufacturing of furniture, Stationary and other products and is passionate about Social Impact investing.  He regularly mentors startups, runs innovation thinking sessions for corporates and actively Angel invests.

He was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.  With Paperclip, Deepak continues his mission to ‘enable entrepreneurs’ by bringing to Hong Kong the latest and most effective Startup development curriculum, commonly known as the Lean Startup methodology.

Expertise: new venture acceleration, mentorship, sustainability, manufacturing and running accelerators.


Alexandre Wayenberg, Founder of Capsule and Co-founder of Doll Memories

Alex is a serial entrepreneur, engineer and designer. Founder of Capsule, a product development agency and co-founder of Doll Memories, a woman’s apparel brand. He works with startups to turn their product ideas into reality. Adept at lean startup and customer development methodolgies, he is frequently animating workshops and mentoring entrepreneurs. He is always ready to discuss and explore new ideas.


Greg Bernarda, Co-author of Value Proposition Design

He is a thinker, creator and facilitator who supports individuals, teams and organizations with strategy and innovation. He works with inspired leaders to (re)design a future which employees, customers, and communities can recognize as their own. His projects have been with the likes of Colgate, Volkswagen, Harvard Business School and Capgemini. Greg is a frequent speaker; he co-founded a series of events on sustainability in Beijing; and is an advisor at Utopies in Paris. Prior to that, he was at the World Economic Forum for eight years setting up initiatives for members to address global issues.


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