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Academy • 11 Feb 2015

Business Design Series: Advanced Business Model Canvas Workshop

Since its creation, the Business Model Canvas has become the reference tool for startup implementation and strategic innovation. It is now used by a lot of successful companies and taught in major universities and business schools. This visual tool helps you to describe, design, challenge, implement and evolve your business model.

In this in-depth 3 hours workshop, you will learn how companies and startups create, deliver and capture value. You will appreciate insightful examples of business model innovation, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. You will also learn the rules and best practices before to design and prototype your own business model.

Topics :
1) What is a business model and what is the business model canvas ?
2) Business Model of existing companies
3) How to design successful business models ?
4) Business Model Design
5) Introduction to the use of the Business Model Canvas with Customer Development / Lean Startup

Audience :
This workshop is for entrepreneurs looking for hands on tools to apply to their business model.