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Academy • 11 Feb 2015

Business Design Series: Value Proposition Design Workshop

Most of the startups are failing because they are not solving a significant problem. The Value Proposition Canvas solves this issue with a new visual tool to use in conjunction with the Business Model Canvas. Whether your value proposition is a technological invention, a functional improvement or a new kind of services, the canvas will help you make it innovative and compelling for your customers.

In this in-depth 3 hours workshop, you will learn how to build products and services that customers want. We will explain how you can map and understand your customer segments through the customer profile. We will provide insightful examples of customer profiles and value propositions that will show you what great products and services are made of. You will learn how to design and test value propositions until they fit your customers and are embedded in business models that work. You will become familiar with the rules, common mistakes and best practices before designing and prototype your own value proposition.

Topics : 
1) What is the Value Proposition Canvas?
2) Customer profile for existing companies
3) How to design successful value propositions?
4) Value Proposition Design
5) How to use the Value Proposition Canvas with Customer Development / Lean Startup

Audience :
This workshop is for entrepreneurs looking for hands on tools to build products and services that customers want.