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Academy • 18 Jan 2016

Startup Mentoring Intensive

Startup's need more help than they imagine.  Paperclip's mission is to improve the quality of the Entrepreneur and the only way to do it is via structured methods.  Startup Mentoring Intensives (SMI) is our innovation, on how we think Startups can be greatly helped.  SMI is an intensive session for startups with qualty, vetted mentors, to get a jump start and begin finding better answers. Based on the best lean startup principles the sessions are injected with coaching and mentoring about challenges the startups are currently facing and the ones they don't know about yet. 


Goals:  Define the problem better.  Plan and prioritise better.  Learn how to use to use the best innovation tools for learning and to get a head start.

Format:  The below is an example of one format.  The feedback we received is that they wanted follow up sessions, so we will be designing 8-10 hour sessions, the first will be a 4 hour group session and 4 hours of private one on one sessions as a follow up.  We will be launching this soon so contact us for more details.

Themes will be around:

Early-stage Startups: I have an Idea.  

Mid-stage Startups:  I have already started testing my idea.  

Late-stage Startups:  I want to get Investor ready.

Example program:

- Teams present their Business Model Canvas (BMC) and describe their current problems and challenges.

(Prior knowledge of BMC is important.  The basics can be picked up via a quick google search or a deeper learning via one of our BMC workshops)

- Overview of BMC and Value Proposition Design (VPD)

- Teams break up, mix, and do a VPD of a well known company


- Co Teams get together and work on their own VPD - Feedback from Mentor(s)

- Teams present - Feedback from Group


*If you are interested in joining our next session, please email to [email protected] with a subject: Startup Mentoring Intensive


“From a startup point of view, the Startup Mentoring Intensive puts things in good perspective, because you sit down, restructure and put everything into a clean frame. And actually you get some new ideas coming out from it, because you’re stepping back and looking at everything in an overview again”

- Ting Ting Li, Managing Director, Spa Monkeys


“To me, it’s always encouraging to learn from experienced people about how my work and input can be shared and improved.”

“I found it personally very dynamic. The content seemed very clear, very easy to understand, overall it was good quality as well.”

- John Gil, Merchants Relations Manager, Spa Monkeys


“The feedback on our business model and value proposition was very helpful and insightful. I also loved that we were asked hard questions that got to the core issues and required solutions.”

- Maggie Lau, Co-Founder & Product Manager, Sam the Local


“It allowed us to work through what we know and don’t know about our business by putting it down on paper. The discussion with the mentors allowed us to hone in on areas where we needed further work and the resources that could help.”

“This is something I would highly recommend to other people. Going through the experience of really getting mentoring, I think is really helpful.”

“I think Paperclip is one of the top Co-working spaces in Hong Kong, because of the community that is being built and I think the types of events that are provided are really helpful and targeted to questions startups have.” 

- Anita Chan, Co-Founder, Sam the Local


*Check out what we did in the SMI Dec 2015 session, click here.  Video coming soon.