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Announcement • 16 Feb 2016

7 Deserts Run

The WEF announced last week in Davos that water is the biggest long term risk for the next decade. Something I know many of you heard in person.

Through YGL initiative Thirst's water education programs, they have educated more than 100,000 students and reached millions more across China with our water saving messages. But, considering the WEF’s most recent announcements regarding our water crisis, global action is needed.

With the encouragement of many of you, they have pledged to run 40 marathons across 7 deserts, on 7 continents in 7 weeks, starting Monday, 1 February 2016. The run will end in LA on 22 March 2016, on World Water Day. 

Its aim is to raise awareness and to save 1 billion litres of virtual water through the Water Pledge on

We're asking for your support to help them amplify the message of  #Run4Water campaign and spread messages about the water crisis and to understand that every drop counts.


What can you do:

- Tweet to tell the world about the 7 Deserts Run

- Take the Thirst Water Pledge & share it on social media! Please tag your friends and challenge them to also take the pledge and share it, like the Ice Water Bucket Challenge




If you are interested in and want to support this project, please follow @thirst4water on Twitter and share it to your friends and tag #Run4Water

For more details, please check: