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Academy • 20 Aug 2015

Mentor Clinic

We are pleased to announce the formal launch of our Mentor Clinics that will focus on specific topics like: Business Model design, HR, Legal, Fundraising, Supply chain, etc.

It is impossible for startups to understand and know how to solve all difficulties they encounter. Mentor clinics are 1 on 1 high level interactions between mentors and entrepreneurs. The Mentor clinics aim to provide a private, interactive session for mentors to share their experience and advise startups, in their areas of expertise.

Paperclip Mentor Network includes experienced people in the following areas:
– Business Model Design | Value Proposition Design | Lean Startup
– Human Resources
– Fundraising | Pitching
– International Business
– Supply Chain
– Technology
– Legal


*If you need help from our Mentors, sign up now!

Sign up for Mentor Clinic

Criteria of applicant:
–   Open to public, but startups will get priority.
–   Applicants will need to fill in an application form, a registration link will be sent to you once it is approved.
–   Fee will be HKD 150 / session due upon registration confirmation.
–   Mentee will be expected to give feedback after the sessions

1. Mentees are responsible for their own decisions. The mentors will only provide guidance and challenge you.
2. Mentee confirms that they are not attending the session to seek funding from the mentor.
3. Cancellation without charge are accepted within 24 hours latest.
4. Paperclip reserves the right to cancel or change appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a formal process with two major goals, to get advice and to be challenged.  At Paperclip, we are all about ‘enabling entrepreneurs’ and Mentoring is a powerful tool to get insight to help along the journey of entrepreneurship.

Who can be a Mentor?
The first criteria is to be ‘Startup Friendly’, and we define that simply as putting the interests of the entrepreneur above everything.  Mentor’s do this because they get as much out of the sessions as the entrepreneurs and there is the spirit of ‘pay it forward’, which means if once person benefits, the whole community benefits.  Our mentors have deep experience of their area of expertise and as entrepreneurs. If you think you are a good match, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and tell us why.  Quote “Mentor @ paperclip” in the subject.

What is the role and responsibilities of a mentor?
Mentors are advisers and sources of knowledge and network. In their capacity as advisers, they discuss the mentees’ goals and the steps needed to achieve them. More importantly mentors will challenge mentees to think critically and go deep into their ideas.

What are expected from the mentees?
Mentees should show up on time and be prepared. Although there is a small fee for sessions, the main goal of the session is to promote guidance and idea facilitation between the mentors and mentees. Coming prepared will help save the time as well as enabling the mentors to better help you.

Can I pitch my project to the mentors?
This is not a pitching session. You may be blacklisted as it will ruin the spirit of mentoring here at Paperclip.

Do you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements?

If you’re seriously asking, then we’ll attempt an answer.  No.  The mentors are doing you a favor and are effectively serving the community at large.  You know the mentors and you can read their profiles. Our mentors’ priority is to help you first and they will not discuss your ideas or meeting outside of our professional courtesy.  Furthermore, no early stage investor will sign one.  There are too many ideas and not enough successful execution.  If you’re worried about someone stealing your idea then you need to execute fast.

Why haven’t I heard back from you?
If you have not heard back from us, it means either your topic is not relevant for this clinic or we cannot help you. If the topic is not relevant, we will get back to you with the next appropriate clinic.