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Academy • 21 Apr 2017

Startup Mentoring Intensives

Startups need more help than they can imagine!  We believe that the best way to help is in focusing on the quality of the entrepreneurs’ journey and our experience tells us that mentors play an important role here.

The challenge with mentoring today is that it is at its best, inconsistent and at its worst, a waste of time.  Mentoring needs to be consistent so it can be impactful.  Deepak wanted to improve the Mentoring process and after testing different solutions and formats, he designed structured sessions using the best startup tools, in our case, based on the Lean Startup methodologies, the same tools behind our Business Model Design workshops.

Deepak designed these new programs called Startup Mentoring Intensives (SMI) to be short and intensive, working with experienced, vetted mentors and focusing on topics like Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design, Investor Readiness, etc.  The goals are to greatly improve the quality of the founder’s impact by getting clarity on where they are and where they need to go while addressing their current challenges and the ones they don’t know about yet.

We are happy to launch the latest program “Startup Mentoring Intensives”. Stay tuned to our event calendar for the next SMI!