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05 Sep 2019, Thu 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM

Fintech in Hong Kong : Digital Banking, Mobile Wallets And Payments

Description :

From 2010 onwards, we have seen FinTech (Financial Technology) been adopted into a wide range of services to cater to different needs of end-users and businesses. Without a doubt, Asia (specifically China) is taking the lead with financial products and services that are built on latest technology (cloud, Big Data, AI etc.) and with the premise of financial inclusion, convenience and personalization.

Join me for an exciting session on my experience building a mobile wallet in UAE / Australia and some lessons learnt along the way. I will also discuss the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong along with Digital / Virtual Banking and their potential offerings as we brace ourselves to eight virtual bank entrants.

Topics Included:

  • Understanding Digital Payment Systems (e-commerce payment, e-wallets, e-finance)
  • New Trends in FinTech (HK Virtual Bank Licenses, InsurTech, AI, Big Data, Federated Machine-Learning etc.)

About the Speaker :

Abhishek is an MBA graduate from Lancaster University UK and has 9 years of experience in digital banking (acquiring, issuing, e-wallets and payment gateways) having worked in GCC and UK. His last role was at Beam Wallet where he was heading the technical integrations, operations and support to build the world’s first IoT-driven payments system in Dubai, UAE. Recently, Abhishek has joined Synpulse as their Digital Payments and Digital Banking expert and management consultant.